Zagging: Building Advocacy Through Digital and Social MediaHello world!

By Kevin

Zagging: Building Advocacy Through Digital and Social Media takes an integrative marketing communications approach to helping organizations develop effective digital and social media materials for the purpose of promoting advocacy campaigns. The authors have created a resource manual guidebook using a step-by-step framework to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of advocacy campaigns through data analytics. This book addresses recently emerging topics and offer practical tools that will help leaders and marketers succeed:

  • Best practices and tips for managing digital and social media marketing strategies and tactics.
  • Case studies illustrate how some organizations have taken a zagging approach to produce significant increases in their influence, impact, and advocacy.
  • New emerging topics such as Cyberbullying, Cyber Harassment, and Social Media Fatigue explores several ways organizations can detect and manage these increasing situations.

Audience: A resource text for upper-level undergraduate students and graduate students taking marketing, social media, or related business courses. Also serves as a professional reference for organizational leaders and marketers.

Click here to to get a peak into the outline of the book, releasing August of 2021 being published by Kendall Hunt Publishing!