AAP School Administrators and School Facilities/Maintenance Staff Request

By Nirja Shah

The American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) is hosting the AAP Infection Prevention and Control School-based Health ECHO: Ensuring School Nurses and Staff are Prepared to Keep Kids Healthy. The goal is to ensure that school nurses, school administrators, school medical directors, facilities staff, school health consultants, public health department staff, and other school staff are knowledgeable on the appropriate infection prevention and control (IPC) recommendations to inform their decisions around developing and implementing school IPC guidance to keep kids healthy during the school year. 

AAP is seeking school administrators and school facilities/maintenance staff, primarily from rural or under resourced areas, who are involved in informing and developing infection prevention and control protocol within schools/districts and would like to engage partners from the Northwestern, Western, or Southern regions of the United States.

ECHO faculty may be asked to present a 15–20-minute lecture on a school-specific IPC topic (TBD) their experiences around IPC protocol development and implementation, share recommendations and guidance on successes and challenges, and assist with answering ECHO participant questions.

Please reach out to LaShonda Hall at swo5@cdc.gov for more information.